Cardinals: FAQ

Questions and Answers:

1. How do I join the Official Arizona Cardinals Kid's Club?
Cardinals Kid's Club membership is available online. All clubs are annual memberships.

2. Where can I purchase a Cardinals Kid's Club membership?
Cardinals Kid's Club memberships can be purchased here.

3. Where can I find a list of Cardinals Kid's Club member benefits?
Click here or on the List of Cardinals Kid's Club Benefits.

4. Can I purchase discounted tickets online?
Unfortunately no, discounts do not apply to any ticket purchases.

5. What are the general terms and conditions for membership?
Please read through our Terms and Conditions page along with our Privacy Policy page for more details.

6. How do I contact the fan club?
The most efficient way to get in touch with a Cardinals Kid's Club Representative is to email us using the contact form. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response.

7. Will any special events be available to someone outside the Phoenix Area?
Events are held at University of Phoenix Stadium or the surrounding area and open to ALL members. Members are responsible for their own travel.

8. What are the age restrictions on the Kids Club?
Members of the Kids Club should be age 6-12

9. I lost my membership card! How can I receive my benefits or attend events?
Replacement cards are available in the Cardinals Kid's Club store for only $5.00.

10. How can I request an autograph, special photo, or a visit from a player?
While we do not have the ability to honor these requests from this site, you may contact :
Arizona Cardinals Community Relations Department
8701 South Hardy Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85284-2800

11. When will I receive my membership kit?
While we do strive to get membership packets out asap, we do ask that you allow up to 4weeks for delivery of your packet due to personalization and the high volume of membership kits produced. If you have a member event to attend, please print your receipt as proof of purchase and bring along with a valid ID to the event.

12. Why are membership cards needed to attend events or receive benefits?
Membership cards are provided as an effort to make events more enjoyable for members. This helps to not only maintain the crowd, but ensures that paying members are the only ones receiving the benefits. Requiring membership cards and valid ID´s to receive certain benefits or discounts helps to avoid invalid discounts being given, allowing us to continue to provide this benefit to members.

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Due to the uniqueness and personalization of your membership please expect your fan package in 4-6 weeks.